The Story

T H E   S T O R Y

The story behind my favorite photo I have taken - 

During spring break last year Stephen, Randy and I went on a little surf trip to the Oregon Coast. The weather was windy and rainy like always, so we left the town and tried to escape the weather, but had no luck, when we got back to town we saw lots of emergency vehicles on the beach, so out curiosity, we asked what was going on and supposedly a teenager was playing on a bluff too close to the water and fell in. Randy and I grabbed our cameras and our big lenses, we thought maybe we could use our cameras and lenses to see something in the water. While we were hiking and looking around a Coast Guard helicopter came over to search, they circled the area for a few hours. As the sun was slowly going down the clouds broke up and the rain stopped. The sun was turning yellow and getting closer to the horizon, just before it went down the helicopter flew right in front of the sunset and lined up perfectly with it, It was one of the most incredible sunsets I have seen. Once the sun went down the helicopter left and we hiked back to our cabin, sadly they didn't find the missing person. It was sad that had to happen, but it reminded us to always respect the ocean and never turn your back on it.